How Much Faster Could You Grow Your Business With Your Very Own Private Advisory Board?


A unique type of Private Advisory Board built for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs focused on both your business and your body; because they’re linked.

The Link is where solopreneurs and entrepreneurs gather to build themselves and their businesses. Each private advisory board is facilitated by a highly trained and experienced group facilitator. Your Board Facilitator insures that you get the support, advice, counsel, and accountability you need to build your business faster, with more focus, and a lot less stress.

Your private advisory board also focuses on your physical body. Day One you and your facilitator discuss what you want to accomplish with your body, and together you create a detailed, individualized plan to get you there. This plan could include things like creating more energy, building mental endurance, losing weight, combatting the effects of aging, or changing your diet. Throughout the month the members of your board support you in the execution of your body plan in addition to supporting you in reaching your business goals.

  • Built for Solopreneurs, Partnerships, & Entrepreneurs with 5 or fewer employees
  • This will be your own custom created Private Advisory Board
  • You will grow your business faster than before
  • You will build and increase your energy, focus, and clarity
  • You will increase your cash flow
  • You will reduce any business stress you might be experiencing
  • Your board will meet on a monthly basis to work on and build your business
  • Your board will consist of 7-8 solopreneurs/entrepreneurs in industries other than yours
  • No competition, only collaboration
  • In Short - “Bigger Business - Better Body”
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