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One who offers advisory services relating to business management and business operations and acts as a minority co-owner of privately held businesses.
Del Lewis, Founder
About TriClare

We are not purveyors of just business information, tips, or techniques. We are in the business of action and desired results. Our creative use of systems, both sourced and built on demand is our primary differentiation. This is a key to Venturepreneurship.

Why We're Different
A Venturepreneur invests entrepreneurial experience and business resources into your business. We invite you to see firsthand how a Ventrepreneur differs from a venture capitalist, angel investor, business accelerator, or typical equity partner.
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If you run a privately held early stage entrepreneurial company chances are you have certain problems you just want to go away!  Tell us about your dreams, visions, and challenges and let's see how we might help propel you forward faster.
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